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Update from November Jewelry Benefit Show

February 06, 2013

Do you remember the Christmas Fundraiser show we had in November? You can find out more about fundraiser and the amazing artists who participated by visiting that blog. We just received this thank you letter from the organizer and I could wait to share a portion of it (with her permission, of course)... 

...our total take from your sale was $845.00. We were able to provide a party for the whole elementary school in Waterville. In the Kindergarten class they asked the kids to not open their Christmas sack of goodies until everyone received their sack. When it was time to open them, one cute little guy asked if it would be alright for him NOT to open his sack. He wanted to save it and take it home so he would have something special to open on Christmas morning. He would not be getting any other gifts this year. I tell you we had more than a few adults in tears. I think so many of us lead such charmed lives, that we sometime forget how bleak this time of year can be for a small child.

We here at NCESD were so thrilled that with your help we made a difference for so many children. You ladies are number one on our appreciation list!  I am enclosing a couple of pictures of the party to share!

Mary Jane Ross

What a wonderful thing to be a part of. Can't wait to do something like this again soon!


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