Set of 5 Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are a timeless classic.

Whether you wear one by itself or stack several, you can feel good wearing bangles from Balsamroot Jewelry. Like the entire jewelry line, the bangles are handmade in Washington State.

Silver bangles are hammered for a lovely texture that reflects the light. They are made to order, to fit your wrist just right. Choose how many you would like from the drop down tab.

How to measure for  bangle bracelets
All you need to do is make a closed fist and measure the distance across the knuckles, from the center of the outside knuckle to the center of the opposite knuckle.
Select the closest bangle size:
• Petite or Child  2.25 inches
• Small  2.5 inches
• Medium 2.75 inches
• Large 3.0 inches

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