About Sherry

My name is Sherry and while I am now an established jewelry designer I once spent my days (sixteen whole years actually!) as a Realtor. I can honestly say that when I finally took the plunge to focus on my own small business it was the best decision of my life.

When I’m not busy working on designs for my company, Balsamroot Jewelry, I am spending time with family, friends, and husband.
I am very lucky to be surrounded by so much laughter. I have friends and family that are crazy in the best of ways and fill my life with light. My daughter Kirsta is my business partner at our boutique in Wenatchee, and my oldest daughter Brittany is proudly serving in the United States Navy. My husband and I sneak away on occasion with our dogs to hike and I love to ride my horse across our ranch. My favorite time of year is spring in Central Washington when the Balsamroot flowers bloom. It reminds me that life is beautiful and that you can always find a way to live your dreams.